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Beatricia Marysta
The Kittens Group: B19.002
300 000
Date of birth
Oriental Breed Type
Ready to move to a new home!

Beatrice has paralysis of the facial nerve from birth, this does not allow her to completely raise her left ear and cover the external eyelids on her left eye. Kitty quickly learned to cover the left eye with an inner (third) eyelid.

This problem does not prevent Beatrice from living a full life and endowing others with her incredibly affectionate character and her love.

Therefore, the only thing she needs to do is to wipe the dust accumulating during the day in the corner of her left eye with a cotton pad moistened with saline, and, of course, she needs your love!

We are looking for a house for Beatrice very carefully. No other cats. Dogs are allowed.
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Vega Marysta
The Kittens Group: V20.003
Date of birth
Oriental Breed Type
The girl is available for reserving.
Modern oriental type, slender muscular body, short silky coat.
Temperament: curious, playful, gentle, affectionate.
Information for breeders: bbl Aa, rdAc N/N
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